The Brave One

by Natasha Agrama

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released December 16, 2014

Natasha Agrama- voice, music, and lyrics (1-4)
Austin Peralta- piano and rhodes (2, 3)
Ronald Bruner Jr- drums (2, 3)
Stephen Thundercat Bruner- bass (2,3)
Nick Mancini- vibes (1, 4)
Miles Mosley- bass (1, 4)
Brandon Coleman- piano (1, 4)
Mitchell Long- guitar (1,4)
Tony Austin- drums (1, 4)
Kamasi Washington- tenor sax (2)
Ryan Porter- trombone (2)
Zane Musa- soprano sax (2,3)
Patrice Quinn- background voice (1)
Artyom Manukyan- cello (3)
Thai Long Li, Bell Sound Studios- engineer (1, 4)
Jorge Costa, Red Cello Studios- engineer (1-4)
Gerry Brown- engineer, mixer (1-4)
Allen Sides, Record One Studios- engineer (2, 3)
Stanley Clarke- producer (2, 3)
Osho- author (1)

Lyrics by Osho courtesy of Osho International Foundation



all rights reserved


Natasha F Agrama Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Circles
This moment is made of glass
It wants for you to look straight through
You won't tell me what you see
And I won't tell you
Cuz we are immature
We've been told not to trust
I wanna give you me
So why do I run and hide?
You'll come back for me
And I'll let my flame grow
Cut up all the darkness
Let a little sweetness in
(Begin Osho)
Life is teaching you in many ways. Life is indicating the path how one should be. If you want to be more alive, abundantly alive, seek companions in life. Gentleness, softness. All that clutters you makes you hard. Live in such a way that each moment, you are free from the past moment. Your situation right now it's like this. You have a big house, with many rooms, and in all the rooms there are puzzles. On the beds, on the tables, on all the chairs, hanging from the ceilings everywhere, jigsaw puzzles, and you have not been able to solve any. You try and solve one, and feeling that it's hard, you move to another puzzle, but that first one is hanging in your head, not only that, but they carry parts of it with you. Then you try to solve another puzzle, but you simply can't solve it cuz you're puzzled, and then you move on to another room and in this way you go on and on and on in circles.
Track Name: The Pull of You
I stand bathed
In the silver light of your eyes
You know I'm game
Whenever you come out to play
It's the pull of you
That makes my waters rise
Heaving waves of falling ashes
And we're dying all the time
As I walk out on to the wet and mossy ground
I'm heading the unknown
And drinking in the sound
Of your silent song
As the melody lingers on
I'm drifting out of time
I'm floating into space
While standing in one place
It's the pull of you
That makes my waters rise
Heaving waves of falling ashes
And we're dying all the time
I remember nights you used to comfort me
Singing melancholy tunes
The only star that you could see
Reflecting your blue hue
And now I'm back again
Laying under your sky
I've always been in love with you
And never wondered why
It's the pull of you
That makes my waters rise
Heaving waves of falling ashes
Track Name: Stand Still
This is the end
Our game is over
The referee got defensive and
Fans realized that they don't care
The've all gone home
We're all alone
There's no one to perform for and
You and I know
How much we both love a show
But the curtain's closed
No one's out there throwing roses
It's just you and me
Holding poses
We're so tired
But beautiful, as we stand still
The icy chill of it all is pale so I live in your breath
And you kiss my hand
As I melt in yours
And understand
That we'll never be
That's our beauty
You see

The new day begins
And we start all over
Just as waves find the shore, my love
We're sure to crash on each other once more
Just as the poet fiends for his muse
And cannot rest, and will not write
Until her fire sparks a light onto his fuze
As we muse, "Ain't it beautiful,
How nothin's ever still?" This.
Infinite change has got us dying
I say, so what we'll die
And then we'll live
And in this dance, if by chance for one moment I am yours
I'll understand that moment to be all the beauty I can see
Track Name: Just Left
I don't want to sleep
Just to wake and find you've gone
Resting reaps a rage
As your silence lingers on
An empty hole replaces
The absent kiss upon my palm
Flown too soon
To some vacant moon
Flown too soon
To some vacant moon
Why would the world
Plant a kiss just to up and tear away
New moments wither
Wasting wishes all the day
And why was love designed to last
Knowing well you could not stay
Flown too soon
To some vacant moon
Flown too soon
To some vacant moon
And we're left to hear the ringing
In the world that you just left